CODE OF ETHICS                                                                 


The Code of Ethics is based on corporate values and represents a summary of behaviour attitudes and standards which managers and employees undertake to keep. The good reputation and justified trust of business partners belong to the most important values of the company. All employees of the company are obliged to act in line with this Code of Ethics, keep the moral standard in business and working activities, establish atmosphere of mutual trust and respect.

We also request our vendors to keep laws and ethical principles in business as they are an important part of our business activities. At the same time, we guarantee to them that our conduct with them will always be in line with ethical and legal rules.

INGSTEEL is a family business and we believe that, by means of consistent adherence to ethical values, we are building not only our own corporate culture but that our actions also contribute to create values for the whole society that will be to the benefit of future generations.


Company’s management
  • Makes sure that employees are informed and aware of intentions and goals of the company,
  • Pays attention to professional and personal growth of its employees in line with the company’s needs,
  • Undertakes to make conditions for dignified work and working environment without prejudices,
  • Does not tolerate any form of harassment and discrimination,
  • Makes business in line with the law, its relations with business partners are based on mutual trust without any favouring,
  • Treats any information about business partners and business terms as confidential.
  • Bear responsibility for their actions. Behave in such manner so that they do not do any harm to their colleagues, do not complicate the work and do not hamper initiative,
  • Are obliged to protect information related to business activities of the company they consider confidential,
  • Act not only as private persons but also as representatives of the company and, therefore, even outside their workplaces, they must respect its reputation and protect its interests,
  • Make sure that their clothes and appearance correspond to aesthetic criteria of the company, keep generally applicable standards of social conduct,
  • Respect business activities of the company and focus their working effort to achieve the set goals,
  • Keep applicable regulations in the field of environment and perform their work in such way so as to prevent any threat or pollution of the environment,
  • Are obliged to protect the provided assets from loss, damage, misuse or destruction. In the case of danger, they are obliged, depending on their possibilities and abilities, to try to prevent from the damage, unless they are able, to notify of such fact,
  • Provide all vendor with the same business terms and do not prefer any single vendor from others, do not receive any financial and material presents from vendors,
  • Take into consideration that the Code of Ethics is an internal standard binding for all employees and confirm that they will keep it.
  • Are obliged to keep laws, legal regulations and the Code of Ethics of INGSTEEL,
  • Are obliged to protect any confidential information provided to them, not only on INGSTEEEL but also on other vendors and customers,
  • Are obliged to keep legal regulations on protection of the economic competition and rules of fair business relations. They will not organise or otherwise get involved into activities leading to tampering with tenders or any form leading to cartel arrangement with their competitors,
  • Undertake to not provide employees of INGSTEEL with any financial or other rewards with the purpose of obtaining any benefit for themselves related to their activity for INGSTEEL,
  • Will not issue invoices for works or services that were not provided in full or were performed with defects,
  • Are obliged to make sure that all their employees as well as employees of their subcontractors do not take part in discrimination or unethical conduct at the workplaces of INGSTEEL,
  • Take into consideration that the Code of Ethics is an internal standard binding for vendors of INGSTEEL.
The company’s management makes effort so that all activities performed in INGSTEEL are in line with the aforementioned Code of Ethics. We want to make business in a fair and transparent manner and therefore we expect active cooperation of employees and vendors in the form of notification of behaviour that is in contradiction herewith. At the same time, we want to make sure that all notification will be reviewed in line with internal rules, including the guarantee of anonymity of the person reporting.

Feel free to send your notes and observations to

Ing. Ivan Bezák, PhD.