Corporate policy

INGSTEEL is fully aware of its responsibility and, therefore, in every activity, we pay attention to protection of the environment and adherence to ethical principles in doing business. Thanks to innovative solutions and continuous technical development, we try to build permanent values to make our structures a benefit for the whole society and leave legacy to future generations too.

The cornerstone of a sustainable corporate policy is an active approach of the company management as well as of all our employees and employees of our subcontractors and adherence to the following rules:

  • Active engagement of all employees and employees of our subcontractors in the integrated management system already at the stage of making business cases.
  • Maintaining and continuous improvement of the integrated management system in line with international standards and goals adopted by the company. Compliance with legal standards and regulations and regular incorporation of their amendments to the integrated management system.
  • Consistent accommodation of needs of our customers: “Correct performance of works every time.”
  • Regular trainings of employees in order to increase their professionalism and awareness in the field of the integrated management system with the emphasis on prevention leading to reduced number of discrepancies, accidents and safety risks.
  • Use of preventive measures in order to avoid environment pollution. Focus on procedures and products that reduce environmental effects. Reduced waste generation and ensuring its separation. Preferring waste reuse to its disposal.
  • Environment protection by means of reducing air emissions and the quantity of pollutants of water and soil in the process of production, construction, operation and maintenance.
  • Supporting the use of wood and other natural materials from resources acquired in a sustainable manner, recycled and reused materials and recyclability of materials after their lifespan.
  • Introduction of H&S conditions by the company management in order to safeguard safe performance of all employees with the emphasis on prevention of injuries and health damage.
  • Eliminating or minimising risks related to health and safety of employees and let employees refuse performance of work threatening their health and safety.
  • Setting up conditions for social and ethical conduct of all employees and subcontractors and material vendors in line with the Code of Ethics of the company.

The management of the organisation makes effort so that all activities performed in INGSTEEL are in line with the aforementioned Corporate Policy. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, bribery or anti-competition action. We invite employees and vendors to take proactive approach and notify of discrepancies or possible ethical behaviour.

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Ing. Ivan Bezák, PhD.