Corporate policy

INGSTEEL is fully aware of its responsibility and therefore we take care to protect the environment in every activity and adhere to ethical principals in our business. Based on our innovative solutions and constant technical development, we strive to create permanent values so that our buildings benefit society as a whole and leave a legacy for future generations.

The basis for a sustainable company policy is an active approach not only of the company management but also of all our employees and employees of our contractors to adhere to the following principles:

  • We care about the future and that is why we prefer environment-friendly procedures and products. We reduce waste production; we ensure waste separation and prefer waster recovery over disposal. Taking preventive measures, we reduce emissions and massive pollution of water and soil at each stage of our activities.
  • We support the use of woods and other natural materials from sustainable resources and from recycled and reused materials.
  • We take care about the permanently sustainable environment and respectful work without discrimination and prejudice. We do not accept any exclusion or preference based on national or social origin, religion, political opinion, sexual orientation or gender identity. We have zero toleration for any form of harassment, discrimination or favouritism.
  • We support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization. We actively support the gender equality and equal job opportunity and equal employment opportunity.
  • Our relations with business partners are based on mutual trust. We abide by laws, legal regulations and ethical codices. We do not participate in activities that could lead to violation of competition compliance or violation of compliance with fair business dealings.
  • We are here for our customers. We strive to understand their needs and offer them the best solution for permanently sustainable constructions.
  • We work safely, ethically and correctly from the very beginning. We pay attention to the professional and personal growth of employees. We notify them about their rights and duties.
  • We create conditions for safe work and emphasize prevention of injuries and damages to the health. We regularly train our staff to increase their expertise and awareness of integrated management system and we emphasize prevention leading to reduction of disputes, accidents and security risks.

The company management is interested in compliance of all activities of INGSTEEL with the above company policy. We have zero toleration for any discrimination, bribery or anticompetitive practices. The active participation of employees and contractors by means of notifications about disputes or unethical conduct is welcome.

Please send your notifications and observations to:

Ing. Ivan Bezák, PhD.