Sustainable environmental policy


EMAS certificate



The company INGSTEEL considers a sustainable environmental policy to be one of its priority objectives. The basic tool for managing and ensuring the environment is the implementation and use of the environmental management system according to the ISO 14001: 2015 standard and the EMAS environmental scheme.

Environmental policy principles:

  1. To build, maintain and continually improve an environmental management system in compliance with international standards.
  2. To comply with current environmental legal standards, regulations and other requirements in carrying out its own activities.
  3. Regularly determine and re-evaluate the long-term and short-term goals of the company in accordance with the requirements of the environmental management system.
  4. To reduce and sort waste volumes prioritizing recovery over disposal.
  5. To protect the environment by reducing emissions to air, reducing the volume of pollutants in water and soil in the process of construction, operation and maintenance.
  6. To orient development to such processes and products that reduce negative environmental impacts.
  7. To promote the efficient use of raw stock, materials and energy, thus reducing costs.
  8. To enable employees to evaluate non-returnable packaging in the household free of charge in accordance with applicable legislation.
  9. To create conditions for the separation of waste generated during individual activities of the company.
  10. To create suitable conditions for the protection of soil and groundwater during construction activities.
  11. To prevent environmental pollution and accidents by prevention.
  12. To reduce emissions and negative impacts on the environment by modernization machinery.
  13. To increase the environmental awareness of employees as well as employees of subcontractors through regular training.
  14. Actively transfer the environmental policy principles of the company INGSTEEL to the contractual partners when closing business cases.

The basic strategic goals stated in this statement are further specified in internal documents of the company INGSTEEL and the fulfilment of their goals is binding for all employees, as well as employees of subcontracting organizations.

The company INGSTEEL will ensure that the environmental policy and management system is understood, implemented and adhered to at all levels of our organization, so that the necessary information, criteria and objectives are available to all stakeholders, in particular, but not limited to, employees, suppliers, customers and the public. Any suggestions can be sent by any interested party to the address:


Ing. Ivan Bezák PhD.
General Director